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MNCTV Live Indonesia

MNCTV is broadcast nationally since 1990 under the name of TPI. MNCTV air name used since October 20, 2010 post-transformation company that also gave birth to the slogan of the company ‘Always in the Heart’. The logo and brand of MNCTV company is proven to expand market share and viewership of this station. Along with MNCTV’s presence, the public can witness improvements in the quality and diversity of impressions, as a result of a commitment to improve the company’s performance and culture.

PT Cipta TPI is the third private company to get television broadcasting license on August 1, 1990, and as the first television station to get broadcasting license nationally. TPI commenced its commercial operation on 23 January 1991. And in July 2006, Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) acquired 75% of TPI shares. TPI merged into one of the MNC managed television which is also the parent of RCTI, Global TV and iNewsTV

MNCTV from the very beginning has proven itself to be the most discerning television station in capturing the tastes and needs of the Indonesian people, the television stations that truly display the image of Indonesia, put forward the impressions of quality and inspiration to be enjoyed by the whole family.

These very Indonesian programs are capable of delivering MNCTV as Indonesia’s top TV stations, among them KDI, Adit Sopo Jarwo, Super Dede, Amy Mama House, Senandung and other in-house Programs. MNCTV itself has always sharpened itself as a partner that provides the best service for all business partners. With the support of professional human resources, MNCTV is ready to become a reliable leading television. MNCTV Live Indonesia

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